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Hemp Biomass

13900254_1187045561359023_4032705638774729675_nDid you know, hemp is Earth’s number-one biomass resource. Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol, or gasoline and is cost comparable to petroleum. Hemp fuel does not contribute to global warming and burns clean while petroleum causes acid rain due to sulfur pollution.

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Knotty Boy Natural Dread Care

Want to express your individuality with a wicked new hairstyle? Why not try dreads! Start or maintain your dreads with some Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care! All Knotty Boy products are made from pure ingredients and come with simple instructions. Come into Themptations and grab some today!

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Knotty Boy

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Wakami Jewelry

Wakami represents a rustic urban lifestyle that encourages people to connect with each other, the earth, and their dreams. Each bundle or strand represents its own story and element of the earth. Come into Themptations to grab yours today and support fair trade!

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Why Vaporize?

We hear it every day; vaporizing can’t be any different than using a pipe, water pipe or rolling papers, however you’re still inhaling which in turn is still bad for your lungs!

This would be true if Vaporizing were to burn your Cannabis instead of heating it up. By heating Cannabis at a lower temperature than combustion, these devices produce an inhalable vapor that still contains the active medical ingredients without the harmful by-products.

Vaporizing eliminates approximately 95% of the smoke that is inhaled and it has been suggested that it helps to increase the yield of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that protect the lungs from irritation.

A study has also proven that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average Cannabis joint converted less than 25% of THC. So while many see owning a vaporizer as a luxury, most cannabis users have realized that they save money in the end because they tend to smoke less.


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Tie Dye Days

JuneTie Dye Days 2

Summer’s around the corner and that means it’s Tie Dye season! Our tie dye specialist has been hard at work making some awesome shirts for you to show off this summer! Also come in and take advantage of our Jewelry and craft item sale! ‪#‎tiedydays‬ ‪#‎Themptations‬ ‪#‎Sarnia‬ ‪#‎tiedyequeen‬‪#‎jewelry30percentoff‬ ‪#‎craftitems25percentoff‬ ‪#‎bodyjewelry30percentoff‬‪#‎hemptwine25percentoff‬