• Extreme Q Vaporizer
  • Power Cord
  • 2 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
  • 2 x Glass Mouth Pieces
  • Glass Potpourri Bowl
  • Remote Control
  • Glass Stir Tool
  • 2 x Replacement Screens
  • 2 x Glass Fittings
  • 2 x Inflation Balloons
  • 3 ft Food Grade PVC Tube
  • All Glass Mini Whip
  • User Guide
  • Vaporizing Options: Whip and Balloon
  • Precise Digital Temperature Control
  • Maximum Temperature 260ºC
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The V-Tower Extreme Q vaporizer is an ideal choice for individuals in search of an desktop unit with everything included. This Canadian made desktop vaporizer has it all, balloons for group vaporizing, whip for individual use and convenience, a remote control, and potpourri cup. There is great temperature flexibility which is digital and exact in range. The value that the Extreme Q vaporizer offers are amazing.



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